The Most Unique High-Tech Sex Toys For Men

It is true that there are many great sex toys out there for men to utilize. But while many great toys can give any man the sexual pleasure that he is aiming for or can make sex with any other woman or man all the more entertaining, there are some that are a little more elaborate than what you have come to expect out of such products.

In particular, there are many high tech sex toys for men that are much more advanced than what you might find on today’s market.

Just look at a few of the more interesting toys out there, and you will see just how outstanding they can be for your sexual desires. Some of them offer stunning sensations while one in particular marks a massive evolution for one sex toy men have already been using.

Hello Touch

The Hello Touch product from Jimmyjane is a distinct vibrator that makes sexual pleasure all the more exciting. It uses a power source that links onto your wrist through a flexible band. The band connects to a series of silicone pads that go onto your fingertips.

As the tips are triggered, vibrating sensations can be felt.

A toggle feature will need to be activated on the band for the tips to start vibrating. The tips themselves operate well and are gentle on the skin.

The tips also fit well onto your fingers and will not slip off as you are using them.

Tenga 3D

3D printing has become a very popular consideration over the years as people can produce practically anything off of a 3D printer.

The Tenga 3D masturbation tube is a thrilling sex toy worth exploring. It is not only fully functional and comfortable but also comfortable to customize based on the sexual desires you hold at a particular time.

This is an all-white sleeve that is made with antibacterial plastic materials. It can be produced with a distinct texture that provides excellent sensations around the penile area as the sheath is flipped inside out.

Tenga can produce the Tenga 3D by reading your information that you submit online. You can go to the Tenga website to list information on your penile length, head and shaft diameters and the desired strength you are looking for.

A unique sex toy would then be produced for your use. This gives you a more energetic and exciting experience that is truly unique.

Pulse Hot Octopuss

The best way to describe the Pulse Hot Octopuss is that it is like a male vibrator.

It produces high-powered waves that stimulate the penile area.

It fits well around the organ and creates vibrations that are easy for the area to feel.

The adjustable wings on this sex toy make it unique. It lets you expand the size of the toy as your unit grows and becomes erect.

Therefore, you will keep on enjoying a comfortable feeling that is strong and does not wear out quickly.

Autoblow 2

The Autoblow 2 became an immensely favorite toy on Indiegogo as it raised more than five times the original fundraising goal that the makers had.

This comes as it is an ideal tool that simulates oral sex for men.


This is a tube-shaped product that comes with three sleeve sizes that you can quickly change out.

Each sleeve is made with a distinct artificial skin compound. Each jacket is very easy to clean off with soapy water although a toy cleaner can also be used.

A small motor will trigger a spring-driven design that establishes smooth waves for the penile area.

This simulates the oral process as it offers a comfortable feeling that is not too rough.

This does need to be plugged into a wall outlet for it to work.

Fortunately, it does not need any batteries for it to stay active. The motor is also rated to last for about 500 hours at a time.

With so many great features that add to the intense oral sex simulation process, it is no wonder why this product was a massive deal on Indiegogo when it was first promoted.

Fleshlight Launch

Much has been made of the Fleshlight, the famous male masturbation tool. But the Fleshlight LaunchPad is a unique variation of the device that brings it into the modern world.

This works in that you insert the Fleshlight into a holding device that links to your tablet. You then download a proper app onto the tablet and then use it alongside the Fleshlight.

This would create a more immersive experience as you can simulate various sexual activities with the light.

The product is designed to add an outstanding look that creates a vibrant and fun action for the penile area. It is a simple evolution of the Fleshlight as it produces an attractive virtual experience unlike anything else.

PicoBong Transformer

The development of gender-neutral products has been critical to the sex toy industry over the years. People are looking to make significant sex toys that are enjoyable for both men and women alike.

This is where the PicoBong Transformer comes in handy as it creates a more elaborate sexual experience for many people to enjoy at a time.

This is a double-ended vibrator for the most part. It uses a body with two wands at the end while the middle section is entirely flexible.

It can be used as a prostate massager or a cock ring.

Your woman would love it too as it can double as a clitoral massager or G-spot stimulator.

The smooth and soft body is also natural to wash off. Seeing how you and your partner will want to keep on using it, this makes for a considerable advantage.

The fantastic thing about all of these sex toys is that they come with some attractive bodies that are useful for all your pleasing needs.

But it is the genuinely high-tech features of each of these toys that may them stand out from anything else you might find on today’s market.

Take a look at these intriguing sex toys so you can enjoy a great experience in the bedroom or with your special someone.